We know you will have a million things running through your brain in those last few weeks before your wedding day. To make things a little easier here are 7 tips on what NOT to do the week before your wedding.

1. Decide to have a spray tan or wax for the first time.

Lots of my brides come to their trial and say they are thinking of getting a spray tan, false lashes or an eyebrow wax for their wedding. My first response is ‘Have you had them before?’ It is so important not to go and have one of these treatments for the first time a couple of days before your wedding. If you randomly pick a salon. You have no idea what that beautician will do or how your skin will react. Ask around for recommendations of salons and go months before the big day to test the treatments. See if you even like how you look with those extra lashes or newly shaped eyebrows. The wedding photos will never let you forget that awful tan line that was on your face for a week, because you didn’t pull the shower cap back to your hairline before the tan started. (happened to a friend)

2, Eating lots of salt.

For the 7 days before your wedding. Stock up on vegetables, fruit and water. Sodium holds up to 50 times its weight in water resulting in bloating and dehydration. Stay away from salty snacks and you won’t regret it! 


3, Changing your birth control, skin care or washing powder.

All these can affect your skin. Try to stick to your usual routine and not be tempted to try that new product that you’ve seen advertised. Unless you have months before the wedding for trial and error. Don’t stray away from the norm. 

4, Straightening or adding product to your hair on the wedding day.

Hairstylists will request you to wash your hair the night before and not to add any products. An untouched head of hair is the best canvas for us to work with.

5, Morning of the wedding. Remove all bras and socks

If I see a bride or her bridesmaids walking around with bras on. I suggest that maybe they would like to remove the straps. Of course it depends on the dress style but you do not want bra straps or sock marks on show when you are walking down the aisle. Also wear a dressing gown or zip up top that can be removed without going over your head.

6, Losing your makeup to tears

So many brides are worried about their makeup running if they cry. Unless you are completely hysterical this is highly unlikely. A few happy tears can be dealt with easily. Have tissues at the ready and hold a small section of the tissue right up to your eye to catch the tear before it rolls down your face. Any good makeup artist will include waterproof mascara in their kit.

7, Not sending photos to the hair and makeup artist

Please try to remember to send your photos over to your artist. We love to have the photos to see your day and how gorgeous you all looked. It also helps us to build our portfolio so is greatly appreciated.