Choosing your wedding day colour scheme is a big step towards getting the wedding of your dreams, as so much of your wedding planning will revolve around this decision. From outfits to table décor, the flowers to the cake, your wedding day colour scheme is going to be featuring heavily so you want to get it just right!

For a really gorgeous scheme, ideally you should be looking at choosing a perfect pairing of colours (2-4 complementary shades) so as not to overdo it with too much going on or leave things looking just a little too plain. This doesn’t mean that you then have to stick to these two exact colours – from here, you can implement a beautiful range of shades from the core tones.

In recent years more and more brides have been selecting contrasting but complementary colours in really vibrant hues for a truly stand out wedding day colour scheme, which works beautifully, but only if you get those key colours just right.

To help you choose your wedding day colour scheme, here are my top five colour crushes:


Green & White

“Greenery” has been officially announced as the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2017 and I can totally see why! Simple, refreshing and chic, this is the perfect colour scheme for spring/summer, especially if you love that natural, outdoorsy feel. Bringing a touch of fairy tale to a classic wedding, Greenery is lush and simply lovely.

Peach & Sage

A gorgeous choice of colour palette for a spring/summer wedding, thanks to it’s lovely light, fresh appearance. Add in a splash of ivory to really lift the whole thing up and embrace lots of lovely foliage in your bouquets. Peach and sage as a colour combination offers a vibrant yet still natural and understated look which looks fab in a brightly lit, rustic barn venue.

Purple & Orange

Don’t be scared of introducing some really bright colours into your wedding day colour scheme! It may sound quite over the top, but deep purple and bright orange makes an amazing colour combo, when used right.

This is a really magical and decadent colour scheme and looks incredible with gold accents too. Getting hitched in late summer or autumn? These colours work perfectly at that time of year.

Champagne & Mauve

If you’re after a romantic and super feminine wedding day colour scheme, you’re going to love champagne and mauve and all of those delicate tones in-between.

If you love the idea of adding a bit of sparkle to your day, this colour scheme looks fab with plenty of glitter and sequins, particularly on those Bridesmaid dresses.

Rose Pink & Dove Grey

Want a colour scheme that oozes contemporary class? Rose pink and dove grey is a positively dreamy mix that works all year round.

A lovely one for the guys and girls taking part in your wedding day and a great way to keep your wedding looking cool and modern without having to forgo that girly whimsy most brides-to-be adore.