Valentine’s Day!

The day for spreading the love. With research showing that over one million people get engaged on Valentines Day. It’s safe to say that there will be many brides planning their wedding for the day itself. Here are some great reasons why choosing February 14th for your wedding day is a superb idea.

Spending the day all together

It means that all your friends and family will have somewhere to be. No one wants to sit at home alone. So single or taken- everyone can be celebrating together and sharing the love. Who knows, your guests could find their special someone at your wedding- match make much?

Colours and themes

For the flowers. Red, pink, blush, gold and cream.
Decorate the venue with heart shaped balloons, red place cards and red napkins.
Valentine themed invitations to get your guests in the love mood.
Favours could be heart shaped chocolates. Love heart cookies?


A perfect reason to choose a red velvet cake- yum! You could also incorporate the gorgeous shades from red berries.  See these incredible designs by Hannah Hickman Cakes.


Red shoes didn’t let Dorothy down. 


A red lipstick will continue the theme and look amazing against your dress. Be sure to try lots of shades to find the correct red for you.

Go big and go bold! There is no limit on your theme when you have chosen Valentine’s Day. Incorporate everything that’s possible within your budget and don’t be afraid of going over the top, (everyone secretly loves Valentines Day)

Plus.. no excuses to forget your wedding date as the whole world will remind you it’s coming up!