Recently engaged?

Having recently got engaged myself I am beginning to understand what it is like to be on the client side of wedding planning. Instead of contacted as a supplier.

Many people have said to me ‘you must know exactly what you are having for your wedding?’ on the contrary. I hear about all the lovely details of the weddings of my brides but I don’t see the decorated venue due to me being at the prep area of the accommodation.

Feeling overwhelmed about where to start?

Firstly, we started with a spreadsheet and listed everything we could think of that would be happening on our big day.

Listing the items gives you a starting point. Start researching one supplier and then another etc.
I am 100%, sure there will be items that we haven’t even thought of that will be continually added to the spreadsheet as the months go on.

The spreadsheet allows us to write down all the quotes we have received. Who is taking care of what and then eventually deposits that have been paid and when final payments are due.

Contacting suppliers

As a hair and makeup supplier. I receive emails asking if I am available on their date. Then you never hear anything back, which can be frustrating. Of course, brides and grooms send out many emails to different suppliers to discover availability and prices. However, from our side of things, we would prefer to know if you are interested and if we should hold the date for you.

After becoming a bride myself I will make a conscious effort to email the suppliers I have contacted to give them a yes or no. I understand it is not a nice feeling to tell someone you have decided to go with another supplier. Trust me, we would rather know so we can move onto the next enquiry without hesitation.


Do not be afraid to ask friends and family for tips. They will no doubt think of something you have not considered for the day or they will be able to give you names and contacts for recommended suppliers for your day. The internet also has helpful articles on planning your wedding.

Most of all- I am going to try and enjoy the whole process. Not get to dragged down with the small details that won’t matter on the day. We are looking to have a fantastic day with our friends and family and create memories that will stay with us forever.

Good Luck x