Having worked in the wedding business for the last 7 years. I have had many trials with brides looking for their perfect look on the day. This is my advice for that all-important trial.


Always go armed with photographs of makeup looks that you like. As much as you can try to explain to your makeup artist what look you would like on the day, there is nothing better than a photo. This immediately puts you both on the same page and then you know what to expect from the outcome. Don’t worry if this involves a few pictures. For example, have one picture of an eye colour that you like then another for a lip colour etc. Don’t expect to find your perfect look all on one photo.

Don’t Stray

I also recommend not to stray far from what your normally wear. Of course, you would like to enhance your normal day to day makeup with adding lashes, highlighter and bronzer for that gorgeous fresh-faced look.  Your wedding day is not the time to experiment with a bold statement look if you haven’t worn it before. You won’t recognise yourself and neither will your friends and family.  

The Trial

During my trial with a bride. I start with keeping the makeup light. This gives the bride time to initially get used to the look and then there is the option to add more makeup to specific areas. If you start heavy, the makeup is harder to tone down.

When the makeup is completed, I ask my brides to sit in front of the mirror while I finish off with their hair. This is so they can take a few minutes to look at themselves and get used to it. It’s always going to be strange having your makeup done by someone else so use the time at the trial to have a long look and be sure you like what you see. Take a picture, add some more makeup and take another picture. Sometimes you will like what you see more in the first picture but of course the final look is up to you!