So, you’ve learned all about what your bridal hair and makeup trial run actually is on my recent blog ‘What to Expect at Your Wedding Hair & Makeup Trial’, but now you might be wondering how to make the most of the time you have to ensure that we discover the perfect wedding look for you.

I’m always more than happy to guide my clients in a direction of hair and makeup looks that I feel will look absolutely gorgeous, but as hair and makeup is such a personal choice the trial run always works best when it is a back and forth process, giving me the opportunity to find out a bit about you and what you want out of the overall look.

Many brides-to-be find this a daunting prospect if they’re feeling a bit clueless about what hair and makeup styles suit them best – if this sounds like you, don’t panic! There are some things that you can do in preparation and during the trial itself to really make the most of our time together.

Speak Up!


Feedback is great, so don’t be shy about sharing your true thoughts on styles that we try out together. I don’t expect to create your dream style on the first attempt and neither should you! The trial run is our chance to put our heads together and create a look that is totally unique and encompasses everything you want out of your hair and makeup.

Just as I will make suggestions to you, feel free to speak up and voice your own opinion! By telling me what you love and what you don’t, we’ll develop a hair and makeup style that is as individual as you are, and perfect in every way.

Be Brave


It’s not at all unusual for a bride to come away from her trial run having chosen a look that she had never even considered – just as with the wedding dress, you never know what you’re going to adore until you try it.

Having a trial run gives you the freedom to experiment with different looks without having to commit to any of them and that’s part of the fun! It’s great to come along with ideas of styles you love, but don’t be afraid to test drive something new.

Come Prepared


It’s not essential for you to have an idea of what sort of look you want so don’t worry if you’re totally stuck! But it doesn’t hurt to spend some time checking out inspiration online and in magazines (like you haven’t already!) so that we can discuss your likes and dislikes.

As talked about above, it’s a great idea to give yourself the freedom to try out looks like you might not imagine would be for you, but bringing along some images of styles you really like the look of can help to give me a better idea of what you might be after, as hair and makeup looks can be tricky to describe sometimes!

Another way to prepare for your trial run is to arrive with ‘day old hair’ that you have washed the night before, un-styled and product free. This is a perfect starting point for creating gorgeous hairdos.

Take Photos


Many stylists and brides-to-be miss out on this one, but do try to take photos of each look we try out so that you can see it from all angles and see what it looks like on camera.

You’re going to be in the spotlight on your wedding day and that wedding album is going to contain your memories for many years to come, so you want to make sure that you love the way your hair and makeup looks in snaps.