With so many different looks out there to choose from, deciding upon your dream wedding hairstyle can be tough. You’ve no doubt already started searching for and saving images of hairdos that you love, but there is actually so much more to finding the wedding hairstyle for you than just selecting images of fabulous hair – what looks great on one person might not look so great on you and vice versa.


Read on for 3 ways to find your perfect wedding hairstyle…


Know Your Face Shape


Inspiration images can be a fantastic help, but if you find yourself saving images of models and celebs who have a totally different face shape and/or hair type to you then it might actually end up being more of a detriment.

When you’re looking at hairstyles that look great on other people, try to lean towards those who have a similar face shape to you as this will give you a much better idea of whether or not it will suit you.

Not sure what your face shape is? You’re not alone! Most women are pretty bad for just assuming that their face is ‘round’, and whilst some do in fact have round faces, many don’t. We all have a tendency to see ourselves quite differently to how we actually look, so just gazing at yourself in the mirror trying to establish what your face shape is often doesn’t work.

One quick and easy way to figure out what your face shape actually is, is to tie your hair up, scraped back off your face, take a lip liner or pencil eye liner and draw a line around the outside of your face tracing almost right into your hair line and skimming the bottom of your chin so the line almost disappears underneath. Now, when you step back and take another look in the mirror the outline of your face should be much clearer. Most will fall into the category for either round, oval, triangle, inverted triangle, square, diamond or oblong.

Choose Your Dress


The dress you wear on your big day will make a huge difference to the wedding hairstyle you choose.

You want the hairstyle to compliment your outfit perfectly as the ultimate accessory, rather than overpower or underwhelm, so knowing what size, shape and style you’re going for will affect your final decision.

For a Boho bride with a less structured gown, you’re probably going to want to look at more relaxed styles; for a very classic shape or ball-gown dress you’re going to look best with a more formal wedding hairstyle such as a chignon or French pleat.

The idea is to find a wedding hairstyle that really fits.

Perhaps your dress has a really lovely feature, like a daring low back or a beaded, illusion neckline. All of this must be take into account as you don’t want to hide the really special bits away, you want to accent them beautifully.

Work Your Natural Beauty


Don’t fight your natural hair type – work with it! If you’ve been blessed with gorgeous, bouncing curls do NOT reach for the straighteners, instead, find a wedding hairstyle that makes them look really amazing. If you’ve got poker straight hair that never wants to hold a curl, maybe go for something sleek and elegant.

Your natural hair type is designed just for you, so you are always going to look fantastic when you work towards making it the very best it can be rather than trying to pretend it’s something else entirely.

If you have very fine hair, you can get away with adding in some well matched hair extensions, but these will usually look much better with the hair worn down rather than up.