Toying with the idea of setting up a wedding website for your big day? Stop deliberating and get one. Like, now. All brides and grooms to be can benefit massively from investing just a little bit of time putting together a nifty wedding website, from actually saving you money to making life a whole lot easier for you and all of your guests.

Gone are the days of your aunty getting lost on the way to your ceremony and there’s no need for anyone to get you gifts that you don’t really want. All you need to do is put it all online and direct everyone there – no hassle, no fuss. Something all newlyweds can get behind!

Forget about cost, you can set up a gorgeous wedding website absolutely free! Take a look at this fab wedding website tool on The Knot and start building yours today.

Why You Need a Wedding Website…

Your Online Hub


Your wedding website is basically a one-stop-shop for all the information your family and friends need.

It’s no fun being asked the same questions again and again, particularly when you’ve got so much wedding planning to do, so simply pop all the answers on your website and direct your guests there on your invitations. Easy Peasy!

Change of Plan? No Biggie.


Things happen during the wedding planning process and sometimes changes need to be made to your original plan.

This used to spell absolute disaster when the invites with all the info on had already gone out (hello, ten thousand phone-calls!), but with a wedding website, all you’ll need to to do is make a few edits at the click of a button! Life (and valuable time) saver.

Make a Wishlist


One website will do for everything! Add your gift registry to your wedding website so that everything can be found in one place.

Making up a wishlist that your guests can easily buy off is a dream for everyone – no presents that you don’t want or need and no stress for your family and friends.

Stay Organised


A wedding website can really make some of the more demanding aspects of wedding planning admin a whole lot easier and considerably less tedious. The Knot wedding website tool allows you to drag and drop your guestlist or add contacts from your phone, making things like RSVPs and dietary requirements a breeze.

Access All Areas


Add all of the addresses, contact numbers and timings to your wedding website to avoid any confusion amongst your guests. With everything in one place being super easy to access, there’s much less chance of last minute, panicked phone-calls when you least need them!

You can even go one step further in efficiency and help your guests out by adding details of great, local accommodation, babysitters and taxi ranks.