With the weather getting warmer by the day and all of us crossing our fingers and toes that it stays this way, it looks as though we’re in for some hot summer weddings and that means that all of you summer brides-to-be are going to be in need of some essential bridal advice, to make sure that you get through it!

“Get through it?!” you might be thinking; surely having the sun beating down on your big day can only be a good thing – and it many respects, it is fantastically good news, but in others, it can make life a little tricky if you’re not prepared. How do you avoid overheating in your wedding dress? How can you make sure that your makeup doesn’t slide off before you’ve even said your ‘I dos’? How can you help your guests stay comfortable? A summer wedding throws up a whole batch of new questions, but don’t worry, they’re all totally solvable…

Provide Heat Relief

With the sun shining, you’re going to want to spend a good chunk of time outside for your summer wedding, so it’s really important that you have plenty of shaded and/or air-conditioned areas set up for you and your guests to enjoy the day without running the risk of getting sunburn or heatstroke. This is even more crucial if you’ve got very young or old guests attending.

With the booze flowing freely, it’s also a good idea to encourage lots of water drinking and for you to remember to do plenty of this yourself too. Getting dehydrated happens very easily at summer events and can lead to severe headaches and sickness, so avoid losing guests way earlier than anticipated by providing big coolers full of bottles of water.


Consider Your Outfit

If you’ve booked a summer wedding, hopefully you won’t have selected a hugely heavy wedding dress and if you have, you may want to consider some lighter options before it’s too late. If you’ve really got your heart set on a big ball gown style dress for walking down the aisle, it’s worth having an alternative outfit sorted that you can change into if you need something lighter for the reception.

The same applies for grooms – a full suit can be way too much to wear on a hot day, so it’s worth trying out some crisp linen options instead. Neither of you want to feel sticky and uncomfortable on your wedding day!

Summer Wedding Makeup

Taking the stress out of the morning of your wedding day by hiring a professional hair & makeup artist like me is well worth doing at the best of times, but particularly for a summer wedding when you want makeup that makes you look flawless without being heavy and that stays put all day long, even when the temperatures are soaring.

If you are going it alone, using a great primer (and a separate eye primer) will help to keep your makeup on your face rather than sliding off at the first sign of sweat. Setting sprays and a light dusting of translucent powder can work wonders too and don’t forget to choose an SPF foundation!