Bridal Party 

I have worked on lots of weddings in my career and everyone has different sized bridal parties. My largest being 8 bridesmaids and my smallest being just 1. I sometimes get asked to do the same hair and makeup on the bridesmaids and sometimes they have been given free rein to have what they like.

I personally think a bridal party with all the same hairstyles look lovely. However, I also think that everyone is different and with a bridal party full of ladies with different hair colours, skin colour and face shape. This means that they won’t all suit the same eye shadow shade or hair style. It could be worth thinking about this when deciding what styles and looks you would like your bridal party to have on your wedding day.

Half up half down

A very popular hair style for bridesmaids is the half up half down style. This is a style that suits a variety of people. For example, you could have subtle differences such as their parting to help suit that particular person. It also won’t matter how long each person’s hair is as they will still look uniform in the pictures.

Different hair styles 

Some brides don’t have any preference on their bridesmaid’s hair styles and if they are wearing the same dresses then this immediately helps them to look matching. Is the first thing you see in these pictures the matching dresses or the different hairstyles they have chosen?