You may feel like you do not have time for much else other than finalising all those details on the run up to your wedding. It is so important to take time out for yourself. To prepare your mind and body for the big day you have been planning for months!
Here are a few tips on what the essentials

If your budget will cover it. Have a few facials booked in over the last few months of your wedding. Regular facials will keep you skin prepped and ready to go.
Particularly if you suffer from troublesome skin. So many skin clinics offer treatments to help correct that acne and scarring that you would rather have under control for your big day. Work together with a beautician on a treatment plan.
The worst thing you can do is try a new skin care routine the week of your wedding. You could react badly to a new treatment or product so please be sure to trial your facial weeks before.

A manicure will complete your overall look more than you can imagine! Think of all those pictures of your ring close ups.
If the budget allows. Attend a few manicures beforehand to get your hands and nails into the best possible condition. Choose a subtle colour, as you don’t want them to be the main attraction but an extra that blends nicely into the background until its big debut.
Book your final appointment the day before so it is fresh and will last. Alternatively, go for shellac if you would like them to last for the honeymoon! Do not forget your feet- especially if you are wearing peep toe shoes!
Brows are so important for framing the face. Tweezing, waxing or threading- choose your poison. Attend your appointment a few days before in case of any irritation and redness. Ask friends / colleagues for recommendations if you do not already have a favourite location.
This is not for losing weight or dropping a dress size for that final fitting. Exercise releases that built up adrenaline, which leads to feeling anxious. It does not have to be vigorous. Pilates or a lovely walk would do the trick. Exercise will help you feel good about yourself and could improve your posture for walking down the aisle.
Health kick
As well as the exercise. What you eat and drink in those last few weeks will also have a massive impact on you. Keep to light meals and lots of water. No alcohol or greasy foods if you can. This will help your complexion and give you that healthy glow that we all strive for.