With bridal dresses leaning towards chic, minimal and understated. Statement headpieces have been making a comeback for a while.

They are so popular due to huge variety out there on the market. Combs, vines and hairbands to name a few! There are plenty of designers specialising in bridal accessories and covering all budgets.

If you have a specific theme you are following on your big day, this may help narrow down your search a little. Vintage, glamour, boho chic. Then you must decide on rose gold, silver, diamante Feeling overwhelmed?

Follow these few tips:

1st, Choose the headpiece after you have chosen your dress so you match the headpiece to compliment your gown. Colours, style and decoration.

2nd, Decide on your hairstyle. Then find a headpiece that will flatter your face shape.

3rd, Make sure it fits properly. Can move your head around without if feeling like it may fall out? There is nothing worse than tensing your neck all day long. Your hairdresser can always add a few Kirby grips to secure it but ideally, you want it at a 90% fit.

4th, If your ordering online, order a few as they always look different in real life.

With any headpiece. A veil can be added, so do not worry about having to choose one or the other.

A stunning piece will make a true heirloom for years to come to take your time choosing and don’t be afraid to do a little research to find your perfect statement.