So many people ask me how I came to be a professional hair and makeup artist. Well this is my story…

Having never been an A* student during my school years.  I felt that my future was uncertain. However, I followed my school careers team who taught me university was the next natural step. So off I went to Manchester Metropolitan to study Consumer Marketing.

Two years into the course, I knew that it wasn’t for me and the thought of doing a dissertation was, let’s say- terrifying! The next chapter of my life was helped along by my mum. She was the one who was thinking outside of the ‘normal’ box and suggested theatrical makeup.

We both decided that I should attend a short evening course to see if I even liked it. I LOVED it. This particular course concentrated on fashion makeup. As soon as I had the brush in my hand and the products in front of me, I felt more confident in those few hour lessons than I ever did at the end of an exam or handing in a piece of homework.

The decision of leaving university without a degree was not taken likely but I took the gamble and left with a HND.

After researching and visiting a few makeup schools with my parents. (A huge thank you to them both) I decided on ‘The School of Makeup’ in Stockport. It was a friendly, small school offering a full time, 6 month course. We covered fashion, weddings, special effects, hair styling and hair dressing. I completed the course with 6 other lovely girls and moved to London not long after I finished.

I booked myself into a few wedding fairs and signed up with a wedding agency that helped to build my confidence by allocating me my first few wedding jobs.

Six years on and my business is expanding and growing every year.  I specialise in wedding hair and makeup as that is where I feel most comfortable and knowledgeable. I still relish in the pride I feel at the end of a job. The bridal party are in their dresses, ready to walk out the door and I know that I have played such a big part in their special day. Every bride I have encountered has been friendly and welcoming on the morning of their wedding. Another perk is the glass of champagne that always comes my way!