There’s a lot to know about wedding day etiquette and many ‘what if?’ questions that brides and grooms to be want answered, in order to feel completely comfortable when the big day comes around.

Your wedding day, big or small, is going to be a huge event in your life and even for the coolest of cucumbers, it’s hard to not feel the pressure of getting everything just right. Going without a wedding planner can mean that couples are often left a bit in the dark when it comes to all of those queries that love to buzz around your brain, just as you’re trying to fall asleep, so hopefully today’s blog will help you out a bit!

There are certain wedding day questions that crop up again and again, so it’s time to get those solved, once and for all!

Here are the top 5 wedding day questions, answered:

When should I start planning/booking?

Many couples are surprised (and often caught out!) at how far in advance the organising of their wedding day should start, but with popular venues booking up a year in advance, dresses taking 6-9 months to make and bridal hair and makeup trials needing to happen 3-6 months ahead of the big day, you really should be thinking about making a start on things with about a year to go.

Of course this isn’t essential – if you’re going for a smaller, simpler wedding and you’re keen to tie the knot the same year you get engaged, that it totally doable, and you may even find that booking late might get you some discounts but you should also brace yourself for some disappointment and unavailability.

If you’re planning the wedding day of your dreams, give yourself plenty of time to make sure that you get everything you want and need.

There are some people I don’t want to invite – what shall I do?

The question of who you should and shouldn’t invite is often very high on list of problems for a couple due to get married and often a big cause of stress on the run up to the wedding day.

Whilst, of course, you don’t want to upset anyone, it’s important to remember that this is your day and no one else’s. What it boils down to is who do you really want to be there with you when you say your ‘I dos’? Although inviting some people and not others may lead to some difficult conversation, you shouldn’t feel obliged to do anything you don’t want to do, so invite who you want and don’t beat yourself up about it!

Can I register for ‘non-traditional’ gifts?

A wedding gift registry doesn’t have to be a long list of kitchenware anymore, you really are free to ask for just about anything you want! From cash donations towards a new home or the honeymoon of your dreams, to activity days to enjoy as newlyweds and quirky bits and pieces for around the house, the world is your oyster.

It’s a great idea to create yourself a wedding website, or sign up to one of the fantastic registry websites available online so that your guests can easily see what you want and get it at the click of a button.

Where should I focus the budget?

Organising the budget for your wedding day is absolutely essential if you want to avoid unnecessary stress further down the line (and who wouldn’t?!). It doesn’t have to be exact, but before you book anything, have a clear idea of what your overall budget is and try to estimate your spend for each thing.

Your biggest expense is likely to be the venue and the catering, so it’s a good idea to sort that out first before moving on to other things. Don’t blow it all here though, there are lots of other things to consider, like the entertainment, décor, flowers and dress!

Do I have to…?

Many of the questions that brides and grooms have start with “Do I have to..?” and the short answer is – no, you don’t!

There aren’t really any wedding day rules that you can’t break and if cutting something out, adding something in or making something completely your own will make you and your other half happy, go for it.