Getting your wedding makeup just right for your big day is a pretty huge deal. Those all-important wedding photographs are going to be your memories to last a lifetime, so you want to look your very best in them!

But it’s not as simple as rocking up in your every day makeup – there are certain dos and don’ts that really must be taken into account when putting together the perfect wedding makeup.

From the products used to the final look that’s created, it is essential that you get everything perfect, which is why even if you’re fairly nifty when it comes to applying your own makeup on a daily basis, getting a helping hand from a pro before you walk down the aisle certainly doesn’t hurt.

Here are some wedding makeup dos & don’ts for your Big Day



Make the most of your trial run


Your hair and makeup trial run before your wedding is an incredibly important part of making sure that everything goes smoothly on the day, so make sure that’s booked in 3-6 months before your big day (read more about what to expect on your Trial Run here).

Whilst the outcome of the trial will largely come down to your makeup artist, there are some things that you can do to make the most of it:

Wear a white top so that you can see how your makeup will look against your dress; Take photos to see how you feel about the look on camera; Bring inspiration images; Prep your skin by staying well hydrated and if you’re planning on having a fake tan on your wedding day, have it for the trial too.

Opt for individual lashes


Even if you’re going for a very natural look, false lashes are an absolute must for making those peepers picture perfect, so don’t skip them whatever you do!

Strip lashes do have a tendency to look a little fake and full on, which can work if you are wearing heavier wedding makeup but not so much if you’ve chosen a fresh-faced finish. For gorgeous length and volume in your lashes that looks like you were born with it, individual lashes are definitely the way to go. The differing lengths work wonders for creating a subtle look that merges in beautifully with your real lashes.

Choose your products wisely


The products you use have a big impact, especially when it comes to flash photography.

Of course, the shades have to be perfect for your skin tone and the makeup needs to be long-lasting but you may have to step away from products that you love using on a daily basis if they’re not appropriate for photography.

Any foundations that contain SPF, zinc oxide or are marketed as illuminating can have a ‘masking effect’ in photos, which leaves you looking ghostly white! Avoid these and instead look for makeup that is HD, long-lasting or designed for camera.



Use bad lighting


Both on your wedding day itself and on the trial run, makeup really must be applied in good, natural light.

Sitting in anything other than this can result in serious colour mis-matches, bad blending and a look that just doesn’t work. For best results, you need to be sitting facing a lovely big window, so bear this in mind when setting up the area in your suite or wherever you choose to get ready for the big day.

Just go with the flow


Whilst sitting back, relaxing and leaving it to the pros is great when it comes to many aspects of a wedding, your makeup isn’t one of them.

A professional wedding makeup artist will always be more than happy to suggest ideas and make recommendations for you, but if you feel strongly about something or you have a particular look in mind that you love (or hate!), speak up! It’s always better to share your thoughts and work together with your makeup artist to create a look that is ideal for you.


Use gloss


Lip gloss just doesn’t work in photos, so it’s probably best to skip it entirely.

If you’re keen to have some sort of shine on your pout, try a lipstick with a satin or shimmer finish instead, rather than a full-on mirror gleam.