With Autumn fast approaching its time for all the fall brides to think about the shades that will suit their wedding date.


It’s important to find a shade that will pick out your eye colour. However during the summer months, I suggest to brides that you can keep the eyes in lighter shades along with a brown eyeliner. As the days are lighter for longer you don’t need to think about your look being suitable for day and night.

When the evenings are dark on your wedding day, You’ll appreciate the evening look. Having a sweep of black liner against a plum or purple eyeshadow will really make those eyes pop.

False Lashes

To make your eyes the focus use lashes to add volume and length. I personally use individual eyelashes as they are more natural than the strip lashes. If your hesitant on using lashes then try 2 or 3 on the outer edge of your lashes to open up the eye. Trust me, you’ll soon be asking for more to be added when you see how great they look!



To achieve those full, smooth, kissable lips. Be sure to buy a lip liner that matches your lipstick. The liner will allow you to draw your own cheat line that will ensure your lips are symmetrical.
This Autumn you can go for a bold look, an eye catching bright shade or a natural hint of colour, there is something for all!

If lipstick isn’t your thing, I always recommend chubby sticks by Clinique. They are essentially a lip balm with shades from light to dark to give the colour to complete your makeup look but have the feel of a lovely lip balm.