You’ve spent months deciding on a venue, caterer, and the band for your big day- so why stop at your hair and makeup?

All eyes are going to be on you. It’s your time to shine and feel your best. You have chosen your perfect wedding dress and your complimentary hairstyle. So be sure to prepare yourself for your makeup.

Don’t try DIY. 

Your face will need to look perfect in both natural and artificial light to stand out in the photographs. Professionally trained makeup artists have learnt the tricks to enhance your natural beauty in these situations. No one wants to feel like they are wearing a mask of makeup!

The importance of a trial.

Many of my brides tell me straight away that they ‘don’t wear much makeup day to day’. My personal style is very natural so this is why that particular bride has come to me. Try and find a makeup artist whose gallery compliments your style of makeup.

It is crucial to have your trial. I understand It may be an added cost but for your own peace of mind it is worth the investment. It gives you and your makeup artist the chance to work through different looks, try alternative eye shadow shades etc so you know that you are 100% happy with your final choice.

You can also take pictures for you to refer back to.

It also means that on the wedding day itself they can start working on your look straight away so you can relax and enjoy the morning.

The trial itself 

Don’t feel you have to suddenly wear layers of makeup just because it’s your wedding day. You want to feel like yourself and most importantly look like yourself! Your partner and guests will be looking around the room for you not someone who looks a bit like you.

Take some time to look at photos of looks that appeal to you and bring them along to your trial. This will help your makeup artist to immediately be on the same page of what works for you.

Arrive with no makeup if possible.

You could also try wearing a top that is the same colour as your wedding dress so you will be able to see how it all looks against your skin.

Getting caught on up on trends. 

The Kardashian’s contouring look may have you excited for your own look but trends can quickly date.

Keep your look timeless but glamorous so in years to come you won’t regret that latest eyebrow trend!

Keep in mind the season. 

Getting married in spring or summer? Keep your look fresh and rosy with light pink blusher, peachy lips. As the seasons change to autumn and winter and the days become shorter, you can afford to switch to a more dramatic/evening look. Try a bold lip and warm autumnal colours.

The week of the big day.

You want to prep your skin leading up to your wedding. Drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep. Try a moisturising face mask two or three days before the wedding. Do exercise when possible.

Exfoliate your face, neck and lips the morning of the wedding and finish off with a lovely moisturiser.